Euro Fetish Model Valentina Bellucci

Everyone say hi to euro fetish model Valentina Bellucci. Valentina is currently a resident of Florida where she takes her fetish game to the next level. As you can guess from the name, Valentina originally hails from Italy. If the name doesn’t give it away, her sexy accent surely does. This Italian beauty is into a bunch of awesome fetishes. You can find her doing anything from bondage, to wrestling to outdoor nudity.

Valentina Bellucci’s is not only a fetish model, but an adult content creator. When she’s not busy creating fetish content she’s making all sorts of XXX content with both guys and girls. She does it all, from sensual photo shoots to hardcore sex. I don’t think anything is off limits for Valentina. Valentina has a great body including a nice pair of tits and a big round ass. She knows what she’s working with and has no problem sharing her body with others. While her body is certainly A+, we’re definitely digging her infectious smile. When she flashes you that big smile and white teeth she’ll have you hooked.

If you have a thing for sexy Italians with great accents, amazing bodies and is down to do just about anything, Valentina Bellucci will be your new favorite euro model. You can find more of Valentina Bellucci on Twitter and many other content selling platforms.

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