Cherie DeVille Is One Sexy Cowgirl

They say cowboys are tough, and we say cowgirls are sexy. Cherie DeVille is one sexy cowgirl. For those of you who don’t know Cherie, and I’m guessing that’s far and view between if you’re a Hot Girl Index fan, she’s an adult actress and all around awesome person. Cherie has shot content for the biggest companies in the adult industry. In addition, she’s makes a lot of her own content. In addition to being an awesome person, Cherie is a MILF which keeps her well grounded. We simply love this sexy cowgirl.

Now if you haven’t scrolled down you’re probably wondering why we’re calling Cherie a sexy cowgirl. It’s not because she lives on a ranch or rides horses, at least that we know about, it’s because of the outfit she’s wearing in the photo shoot below. Cherie is rocking a cow pattern bathing suit and stilettos with spurs. I’m not sure where she found those stilettos, but bravo on the outfit combination. Some people may argue that’s not a cowgirl outfit, but we don’t care, that’s what we’re calling it. Hey Cherie, have you ever tried dipping your toes into lewd Cosplay? I think you would do great. Cherie has one of those A+ bodies that looks good in any outfit she’s wearing and looks even better when wearing her birthday suit.

You can find more of Cherie Deville on Twitter and her OnlyFans page. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, Cherie is an adult model so you can see photos like the one below all the way to her XXX escapades. We give Cherie DeVille our hot girl stamp of approval. We would let this sexy cowgirl tie us up anytime she wants.

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