Canadian Muscle and Fitness Babe Elegant FitBooty

It’s always a good week when we feature a muscle and fitness babe. We can officially say it’s a good week because we’re featuring the incredible Elegant FitBooty. Elegant FitBooty lives in the northwestern part of Alberta, Canada. For those of you who are geographically challenged, that’s really far north into Canada. It’s the part of the world that’s cold the majority of the year and most of the time the residents are bundled up in multiple layers. Thankfully there are residents like Elegant FitBooty that enjoy shedding all those layers when at home and sharing herself with the world.

Elegant FitBooty is a MILF, that’s right, she’s a mommy with quite a naughty side to her. When she’s not performing her mommy duties she’s either performing in front of the camera or she’s spending time at the gym. At the gym Elegant FitBooty enjoys not only doing the cardio thing, but also pumping iron. As you can see from the pics below she has some nice definition, which only happens when you put some serious time in at the gym (coupled with a good diet). Along with her muscular/slim build, she has all natural curves. Her tits are enhanced, not with implants, but with piercings. Both of her nipples are pierced and they look amazing. Speaking of amazing, her ass is world class and a feature of her content. She has big, round and firm booty that you usually don’t find on a small frame like hers. Her ass is tight enough that you could bounce a quarter off of it, and it’s still big and round enough that it’s perfect for a good spanking. We’re really crushing on her ass and that crushing is well deserved.

Elegant FitBooty is an adult content creator and her pics and videos are quite spicy. She has a big range of content including body worshipping, flexing, gym selfies, solo masturbation and XXX fun with her other half. While you don’t see her face in the pics below she’s recently started showing her face and it’s just as gorgeous as the rest of her body.

If you’re looking for an amateur babe that’s into muscle and fitness, and is also a mommy, Elegant FitBooty is your girl. We have a special place in our heart for amateur models doing their thing and we love what Elegant FitBooty is bringing to the table. You can find more of Elegant FitBooty on Twitter and her spicy content on OnlyFans. We hope to see more from her in the future, enjoy!

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