Adult Internet Pioneer Janet Mason

Janet Mason is an adult internet pioneer and all around legend. When we say pioneer we’re talking all the way back to the 90’s (April 1998 on her 31st birthday to be exact), when she started her adult career. If you remember, the 90’s is when the internet took off and became available to the world. That available and growth was by and large due the adult industry adopting the internet as a primary vehicle for sharing content. Now I’m not saying the internet wouldn’t have taken off at some other point, but there’s no doubt the adult industry was the springboard that took it to the next level. Janet Mason was one of those adult internet stars that was part of that rocket growth. The good thing for the world is 1) the internet is still around 2) Janet Mason is still around, and might we say, better than ever.

Janet Mason started her career with her own website, as all OG content creators did. In 2009, after 11 years of producing her own “hotwife” content with her cameraman/husband, Steve, and other male partners, she added shooting for studios (while still producing her own content). She stopped shooting for studios in 2015 because she found the experience a lot less fulfilling from a sexual perspective as well as no ownership of the content she starred in. She continues to shoot her own content and publishes all her spicy content on several fan platforms. Her library of content spans over 25 years (it will be 26 in April) and includes some amazing and eyepopping pics and videos.

Janet’s pics and videos span the genre globe. She’s starred in everything from artistic nudes to full blown XXX fun with her husband and countless men, women and multiples of each. If you can think about it, Janet Mason has probably done it, and done it well. What’s her secret to being at the top of her game all these years, just look at the pictures below and you’ll find the answer.

Janet Mason has always kept her physical appearance in tip top shape. She’s all in on fitness, keeping her physique thin, tight and toned. She has that fit muscular look, all while keeping that feminine glow about her. Before we start gushing over her body lets talk about that face and red hair. Her signature red hair has always been a stand out in the adult industry. If you saw a redhead on camera you could probably bet it was Janet. She keeps it long, flowing, thick and red! Next that face, pretty, thin and oh so sultry. When she flashes that smile and gives you the eyes, you know you’re in for a treat. Lastly the bod. It’s a wonderland onto itself. A six pack, tight ass and giant boobs are all that you could wishful. In fact her boobs are bigger than they’ve ever been. This past year she upgraded them to a 32H/1500 cc. That’s more than a handful and they look amazing on her. They look even better when she gets that micro bikini tanline going. One last thing we can’t leave out is the lady hair. She’s always had a nice thick landing strip, which gives off those mature woman vibes. All in all, we can’t get enough.

All hail this internet pioneer! She’s already had a full career in the industry and there’s no end in sight. She’ll be 57 in April and like fine wine she keeps getting better with age. We can’t wait to continue following Janet Mason and we’ll be sure to have more of her on the site in the future. You can find more of Janet Mason and links to all her sites here. We love you Janet and we know everyone else does as well, enjoy!

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